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Pampillonia Yellow Diamonds

At Pampillonia we have treasured fancy colored yellow diamonds for generations. The true beauty of a yellow diamond is determined by it color.  A distinctive scintillating yellow, that is fully saturated, and uncommonly beautiful. Only a small percentage of yellow diamonds meet our exacting standards of excellence. Hand crafted into unique designs a  natural yellow diamond from Pampillonia will be treasured a lifetime.

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Engagement Rings

Discover our selection of diamond engagement ring styles, designed and handmade in Washington, DC by the master ringmakers of Pampillonia Jewelers.

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Estate Jewelry

Estate and antique jewelry captures the glamour and imagination of bygone eras. Pampillonia offers an exquisite collection of estate jewelry and signature pieces from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro Modern, Belle Epoque and Victorian periods. All estate jewelry is carefully examined for authenticity, alterations and defects.

We also purchase estate jewelry.

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sealAs creators of fine jewelry—serving Washington DC—we specialize in custom-designed, handmade jewelry, solitaires, and estate jewelry.

Call 202-363-6305 or visit us at Mazza Galleria, 5300 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington, D.C.

We Purchase Jewelry

We are aware that selling your jewelry maybe an emotional experience. No appointment is ever needed, and there is never any pressure to sell. Learn More…